Stained & Leaded Glass Repair in Orangevale

Stained and leaded glass pieces are truly works of art. Unfortunately, they can become marred with time or mishandling, causing them to lose some of their luster. If your stained or leaded glass is cracked, chipped, missing sections or diminished in any way, contact Othon’s Golden State Glass for glass repair in Orangevale, CA.

Backed by expert craftsmanship and a keen attention to detail, we can provide a complete range of repairs for your stained and leaded glass, breathing new life into it. We’ll restore it to a like-new condition so you can continue to enjoy its vivid imagery for years to come.

Our Repairs

We offer repairs in two capacities: at your home/business or at our shop. Depending on the nature of the repairs or the size of the glass, we’ll work to make sure you get the right solution. Regardless of where work is taking place, rest assured we’re using a delicate touch that’s thorough and restorative. Our process looks like this:

  1. We carefully break cracked glass out of the targeted repair area.
  2. Our team cuts new glass to an exact fit for the replacement section.
  3. We use the “tuck and duck” method to tuck glass under the lead, push it in, flush and fit.
  4. We use adhesive to seal the new glass to lead and properly weatherproof it.
When we’re done, you’ll have a piece of glass that looks as though it has never been damaged. Our ability to match color, texture and style is the secret to our success and the reason we’re able to provide such stellar results, regardless of the glass type. We can even bevel the new glass if the bevel has been affected by the damage. We also carry a wide range of colors, from older hues to new shades.

Get Repairs

If you have beautiful stained or leaded glass that has seen better days, give it the restorative touch it needs to look its best once again. Contact Othon’s Golden State Glass today at 916-988-8533 to get an estimate on repairs for your glass railings and other fixtures.