Stained & Leaded Glass in Orangevale

There’s a certain timeless appeal and traditional beauty associated with leaded glass—not to mention breathtaking designs that are unique and detailed! Similarly, stained glass offers vibrant coloring and eye-catching qualities that are unmatched by window decals or other types of decorations.

If you have leaded or stained glass that needs to be repaired or want to bring the beauty and allure of these customized glass types into your home, Othon’s Golden State Glass can help. We’re experts when it comes to stained and leaded glass in Orangevale, CA.

Stained Glass

Leaded Glass

Beautiful, Customized Creations

When it comes to stained and etched glass, we’re experts. Our shop features only the best equipment and we pride ourselves in using the best in staining materials (CRL brand), resulting in works for art that are truly mesmerizing! No matter if you have your own design or want us to replicate one, we’ll produce a piece of glass that’s handmade with the utmost care.

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Contact us today at 916-988-8533 to learn more about our stained and leaded glass capabilities. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process of bringing your concepts to life. We welcome repair and customization projects of all sizes, from residential and commercial customers alike.