April 16, 2021

"Very polite and helpful"
February 22, 2021

Life Long Friend

"You would be hard pressed to find a more principled and honest individual to work with. I've known Robert for 61 years and still think of him as my best friend. He's done amazing things for me over the years with his expertise in the world of glass and I've never heard him say it can't be done. Call him first or call him last but definitely call for any custom or glass repair needs. "
October 8, 2020

"These guys were awesome! Did a repair on a custom leaded glass door!!! In two hours, on site! Guys were nice, knowledgeable, clean working!"
July 28, 2020

May 31, 2018

"Robert Othon, the owner I know personally and has been in the stained glass business for many years and does some amazing work. For example Rick's Dessert Diner, Chicago Fire to name a couple, you have heard of these businesses right? They do showers, cabinets, windows, crystal and glass repair, make beautiful jewelry boxes, awesome stone guitars etc. Everything is custom made and hand painted, so you feel like your really getting your money's worth. They can also order in if your looking for something specific. His daughter works in the office, very sweet, I actually nanny for her toddlers and my Brother-In-Law helps install the glass work out on jobs and enjoys working there. His other 2 employees Pierce and Steve are also very nice and excellent at what they do! In high school I did my senior project with Robert, we made a rose glass piece and he was very helpful showing me how stained glass is made, was so interesting, he let me pick out my own glass colors etc and turned out to be a great project! He made me an amazing Alice in Wonderland stained glass piece with a family tree to hang in my bedroom, I painted in with his help as a gift one year, wish I had a pic of, but I accidentally shattered it in a move, oops! There was one year I couldn't think of what to get my sister as a gift and he had an idea to make a Tinker Bell stained glass piece that can be hung up on the wall I painted in with his help as well, it was special! Robert also did the custom glass work for our family owned pet business of 8 years Trends-n-Treats at 3 different locations we relocated to until it closed down in 2016. I would recommend stopping in and checking out his shop, while your there say hi to the shop dog Sheila!"
Othon's Golden State Glass